Nominations for Officers of the Kirklees Multi-Employer (Publicly Funded) Branch for September 2022-2023

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7thJanuary 2022

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The Kirklees NEU Branch is responsible for employer-based negotiation and representation. It is required to elect a branch secretary, assistant secretary, and Health & Safety Officer annually. A vice-chairperson will be elected annually and will become chairperson the following year.

Nominations close on Monday 7th February 2022 and can be made in writing or by email to the district secretary

Nominations must be signed or otherwise confirmed via email by the proposer, seconder and endorsed by the nominee.

The proposer and seconder must be members of the NEU Kirklees District & Multi-employer (Publicly Funded) branch

If an election is required, the ballot will be completed by Monday 7th March 2022.

The following posts are open to nominations





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