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28thMay 2020

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Wider re-opening

On Sunday, the Prime Minister confirmed that the Government’s intention was to start the phased wider reopening of Primary schools from the 1st June. The date for Secondary schools is confirmed as the 15th June. 

The National Union has continual pressed for evidence and the modelling to be made public and made it clear that it is not safe for schools to open more widely until the National and local infrastructure for Test, Track and Trace is in place and working. 

The Independent SAGE group of scientists have also stated that they do not believe it is safe for schools to begin reopening on the 1st of June. 

The National Union wrote to all Primary Headteachers yesterday Click here to download heads letter.

We are all waiting for the Government announcement on schools which is due at Today’s briefing. Once we know the outcome we will write again with a further update. 


We have been working hard to try and ensure that any wider re-opening is as safe as possible and have fully engaged with the LA and our Local MATs around planning. 

Based on the independent SAGE advice we are deeply concerned about any school within Kirklees opening on the 1st June. We do not believe that the local infrastructure for Test, Track and Trace will be established and proven to be working by the 1st June. 

A delay to the 15th June at the earliest would reduce the risk to our children, their teachers, families, and the wider community. A delay until September would be even safer. 

Over 30 Local Authorities have now shown real leadership and support for their schools by advising them clearly not to consider wider reopening until at least the 8th or 15th of June. 

Nearly all our MATs have advised the same and informed parents. SHARE 15th June, South Pennine 8th June, Learning Acord 8th June, MAST 8th June, Together Learning 8th June at the earliest and not until they are satisfied that the local infrastructure for Test Track and Trace is in place. 

We have been asking for the LA to give their schools that same clear message. This has not been forthcoming, and some schools are intending to re-open on the 1st June. 

We desperately need clear leadership on this for our LA schools. 

1) Advise them against wider opening until the 15th of June at the earliest to ensure the local infrastructure for test, track and trace is established and working. 

2) LA must quality control its schools Risk Assessments before they can proceed with wider reopening. We are alarmed that we have not been consulted on any school’s risk assessments in any detail and in some cases they have not been shared with staff, never mind the Unions. In this respect schools are in breach of their legal obligations. 


The National Union is constantly adding and updating guidance which can be found on the website.

Planning Checklist for Primary Schools

PDF Version:

Website link:

Planning Checklist for Secondary Schools (Including Post-16 and FE)

PDF Version:

Website Link:

Vulnerable Workers Checklist

PDF Version:

Website Link:

What you Need to Know Special Schools

General FAQ guide

Local advice and guidance can be found here


If you have any concerns about your situation, please do contact us. I have included the office number and my mobile but would ask members to email where they can so the phone can be kept clear for urgent advice. We are getting lots of queries and we are answering them as quickly as we can but please bear with us. 

We are in the process of arranging a series of members meetings for different sectors and members working in Multi-Academy Trusts and we will contact you as soon as we have arranged them. 

Best wishes and thank you for everything you are doing. 

Hazel Danson

Secretary Kirklees NEU

Hazel’s mobile 07905698250 NEU Office 01484513683


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