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for Reps and Members 12 May

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12thMay 2020

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Nothing has changed.

The current advice is that the only staff who should be going into school are those required to support the children of key workers and vulnerable children. Staffing continues to be on a rota based on the minimum attendance. There is no definite plan to have any additional pupils in from June 1st.

The words used were ‘we hope’ and ‘if safe’. It is not safe. School staff should NOT be expected and should not agree to go into work to ‘prepare’ for a potential return on June 1st. To do so would be in breach of the current guidelines. If your school announces that it is planning to reopen for more pupils and asks staff to return to work at school before the lock down is lifted, then it is a potential breach of the Coronavirus Act 2020 (the Act).

If your head asks if you will be available for wider working after the 1stJune, we urge you to reply that you are waiting for further advice from your Union.

The government has not met its own tests for easing the lockdown and there is no evidence that they will in the next three weeks. Nor has the government has met any of the NEU’s five tests The NEU is opposed to any return before these tests are met.


It is important that we have an NEU representative in every school. If you are willing to become the rep please contact me as soon as possible. 


We continue to have regular meetings with the Local Authority at a strategic level. We will be meeting with colleagues from the Learning service and HR on Thursday of this week to discuss a number of issues but especially in relation to the government announcement. 

ADVICEThe National Union is constantly adding and updating guidance which can be found on the website.
As well as the FAQs

If you have any concerns about your situation, please do contact us. I have included the office number and my mobile but would ask members to email where they can so the phone can be kept clear for urgent advice. We are getting lots of queries and we are answering them as quickly as we can but please bear with us. Best wishes and thank you for everything you are doing. 
Hazel Danson Secretary Kirklees NEU
Hazel’s mobile 07905698250 
NEU Office 01484513683

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